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Data Analysis with Python

As humans, we are immersed in data in our every-day lives. As per IBM, the data doubles every two years on this planet. The value that data holds can only be understood when we can start to identify patterns and trends in the data.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to data analysis using Python. Participants will learn to use Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib to clean, manipulate and visualize data.

By the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of data analysis techniques and be able to apply these techniques to real-world problems

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Estimated 11.5M new Data Science jobs(US)
Avg. Salary of over $84000 in Data Science roles
High demands in Tech, Finance, E-Commerce, Healthcare
Highly transferable mainstream skills

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Course Creators

Instructor Sandeep Giri

Sandeep Giri

Founder at CloudxLab

Past: Amazon, InMobi, D.E.Shaw

Instructor Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh

Co-Founder at CloudxLab

Past: Byjus

Instructor Jatin

Jatin Shah

Yale CS, Ph.D. IIT-Bombay

Past: Ex-LinkedIn, Yahoo


Hours of Online Training
Days of Lab Access

Data Analysis with Python

Foundation Courses

1. Programming Tools and Foundational Concepts
1. Linux
2. Getting Started with Git
3. Python Foundations
4. Getting Started with SQL

Course on Data Analysis

1. Getting Started with Numpy
1. Introduction to Numpy for numerical computing
2. Understanding and manipulating Numpy arrays
3. Mathematical operations and broadcasting
4. Statistics and data analysis using Numpy
5. Various Numpy Functions
2. Getting Started with Pandas
1. Introduction to Pandas library for data analysis
2. Manipulating and transforming data using Pandas DataFrames
3. Visualizing and exploring data using Pandas
4. Data cleaning, manipulation, and transformation using Pandas
5. Various Pandas Methods
3. Getting Started with Matplotlib
1. Introduction to Matplotlib for data visualization
2. Understanding and using different types of plots in Matplotlib
3. Customizing plots with labels, titles, legends, and annotations
4. Integrating Matplotlib with Pandas and Numpy for advanced data visualization.
5. Various Matplotlib functions
4. Analytics and Data Science
1. Probability
2. Statistics
3. Data Visualization
4. Data Cleaning
5. Feature Scaling
5. Real-world End-to-End Data Analysis
1. Perform Data Analysis in an end-to-end manner on a real-world dataset
6. Introduction to Machine Learning (Optional)
1. What is Machine Learning?
2. Machine Learning Application
3. Introduction to AI
4. Different types of Machine Learning - Supervised, Unsupervised
7. Training Machine Learning Models (Optional)
1. Training Machine Learning models
2. Evaluating Machine Learning models
3. Linear Regression
4. Model Optimization using Gradient Descent
5. Polynomial Regression
6. Regularization
7. Learning Curves
8. Logistic Regression


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you provide placement support?

We help learners in placement support through:

  • By posting the latest jobs from our industry networks on our job
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What do I need to fulfill to get the CloudxLab certificate for the course?

You should complete 100% of the course along with all the given projects in order to be eligible for the certificate.

Kindly note that there is no deadline for CloudxLab courses.

Is there any prerequisites for this course?

No, this course is for everyone. The complimentary access to CloudxLab courses will help you in learning the required foundations to make the most out of this certificate course.

What is the validity of course material?

We understand that you might need course material for a longer duration to make most out of your subscription. You will get lifetime access to the course material so that you can refer to the course material anytime.

Do I need to install any software before starting this course?

No, we will provide you with the access to our online lab and BootML so that you do not have to install anything on your local machine

Will I get support?

Yes! Please feel free to ask your questions on CloudxLab forum and our community and team of experts will answer your questions. We believe forum will add better perspectives, ideas, and solutions to your questions.

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