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Text to SQL: Building an LLM-Powered Analytics Dashboard for Your Company

Starts at:
Friday, March 22 @ 2:30 p.m. UTC
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Friday, March 22 @ 4:30 p.m. UTC

About the Event

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data your company generates? Drowning in spreadsheets, reports, and dashboards, but still struggling to uncover actionable insights? Traditional analytics tools are great, but they often require technical expertise and can be time-consuming to navigate. What if you could leverage the power of natural language processing (NLP) to unlock insights from your data more intuitively and efficiently?

Introducing LLM-powered analytics dashboards, the revolutionary solution that bridges the gap between human intuition and machine precision. Imagine a system where you can ask your data questions in plain English and receive dynamic, interactive responses tailored to your specific needs. No more cryptic SQL queries or hours spent wrangling data – just seamless exploration and discovery at your fingertips.


1. Traditional Analytics:

  • The Old Way: Explore how data analysis was traditionally done, often involving a dedicated team of analysts with specialized skills and tools.
  • Limitations of Traditional Methods: Understand the challenges associated with traditional analytics, such as time constraints, technical barriers, and limited accessibility for non-technical users.

2. Unlocking the Power of LLMs:

  • Introducing Large Language Models (LLMs): Discover the potential of LLMs like ChatGPT and GEMINI in revolutionizing data analysis.
  • Text to SQL Made Easy: Learn how LLMs can be used to translate natural language queries into accurate SQL queries, empowering users of all skill levels.

3. Live Demo: Building an LLM-Powered Dashboard (Hands-on Experience):

  • Witness the Magic: Witness a live demonstration showcasing how to build an LLM-powered analytics dashboard using Langchain.
  • Get Hands-on: Participate in a hands-on session where you can experiment with building your own LLM-powered dashboard prototype.

4. Security Considerations in a Democratized Data Landscape:

  • Addressing Security Concerns: Discuss the potential security risks associated with it such as anauthorized access, data manipulation, privacy breaches.
  • Securing LLM-powered analytics: Explore strategies to mitigate these risks.

5. Becoming a Data Champion:

  • Unlocking the True Value of Your Data: Gain the knowledge and skills to empower your organization to leverage data effectively and make data-driven decisions.
  • Leading the Change: Learn how to advocate for and implement LLM-powered analytics solutions within your company.

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Data analysts and scientists of all skill levels
  • Business users and decision-makers seeking deeper insights
  • Developers and IT professionals interested in innovative solutions
  • Anyone who wants to unlock the power of data in a more intuitive and efficient way

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About Presenters

Sandeep Giri

Sandeep Giri

Founder @ CloudxLab

Past - Amazon, InMobi, tBits Global, D.E.Shaw

For the last 20 years, Sandeep has been building products and churning large amounts of data for various product companies. He has an all-around experience in software development and big data analysis. Apart from digging data and technologies, Sandeep enjoys conducting interviews and explaining difficult concepts in simple ways.

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