Building a RAG Chatbot from Your Website Data using ChatGPT and LangChain

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Monday, April 01 @ 2:30 p.m. UTC
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Monday, April 01 @ 4:30 p.m. UTC

About the Event

The rise of AI has revolutionized chatbot development. Imagine feeding your company's documents to a chatbot and watching it effortlessly answer customer questions. It's a dream scenario for streamlined customer service. We call it Retrieval-Augmented Generation(RAG). However, there are hidden complexities in managing document-based chatbots. Some of them are:

  • Privacy Concerns: Keeping private data secure while gathering documents can be a tricky spin.
  • Outdated Information: Outdated content leads to inaccurate answers, causing customer frustration.
  • Dataset Volume: Large datasets require significant resources and time for processing and maintenance.
  • Repetitive Updates: Manually updating documents is a resource-intensive and error-prone process.

Here's where we change the game. What if your chatbot could gather information directly from your website? Website content often holds the very answers customers seek, offering a treasure trove of publicly available data that's constantly updated alongside your site. This not only eliminates private data worries, but also empowers you to automate updates and keep your chatbot perpetually current.

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And the best part? This functionality seamlessly integrates with existing document-based chatbots, taking their intelligence to the next level.

Join us for this free interactive workshop where we'll live code a complete system that lets your chatbot answer customer queries directly from your website data. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dive into the code alongside our experts, as we build a smarter, more dynamic assistant for your business.

Workshop Takeaways: Building Smarter & Streamlined Chatbots

  • Craft a Dynamic Chatbot: Build a system that answers real-world queries live, using your website as its ever-updated knowledge base.
  • Harness Powerful Tools: Master ChatGPT, LangChain and Vector databases, unlocking advanced chatbot capabilities and deeper customer insights.
  • Fuel Exceptional Service: Deliver accurate, current, and readily available information, exceeding customer expectations.
  • Become a Chatbot Architect: Learn the key steps to build and maintain a dynamic chatbot, enhancing your customer service workflow.
  • Live Q&A: Get your questions answered by our expert and unlock the full potential of RAG.

Bonus: Attendees will receive FREE CERTIFICATE of participation.

About Presenters

Sandeep Giri

Sandeep Giri

Founder @ CloudxLab

Past - Amazon, InMobi, tBits Global, D.E.Shaw

For the last 20 years, Sandeep has been building products and churning large amounts of data for various product companies. He has an all-around experience in software development and big data analysis. Apart from digging data and technologies, Sandeep enjoys conducting interviews and explaining difficult concepts in simple ways.

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