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Free Webinar on Introduction to Quantum Computing

Saturday, July 18 @ 2:30 a.m. - 4:30 a.m. UTC

Free Webinar on Introduction to Quantum Computing

About the Event

As the world enters the new era of Big Data and AI, the processing power of the usual computer has become the bottleneck. Moore's law which stated that computing power will get doubled every 2 years, has already failed in recent times. Quantum computing seems to be the only viable way forward.

While a fully-fledged quantum computer is yet to come, development over the past five years has been fast. Among others, Google recently achieved quantum supremacy via solving a mathematical problem in 200 seconds which the world’s fastest supercomputer would take 10,000 years to produce similar output whereas IBM has put prototype quantum computers on the cloud.

So this is the right time to learn about quantum computing. Hence, we are conducting an online webinar with the leaders of Quantum Computing to give an introduction about it and it's future possibilities.

The agenda for this webinar is:

  1. Welcome by CloudxLab
  2. Quantum Computing 101 (Understanding the Fundamentals)
  3. Use cases of Quantum Computing in Artificial Intelligence, Financial modelling, Logistics, and Drug design
  4. Current Hardware Landscape: Challenges and State of the Art
  5. Questions-Answers

Dimitris G. Angelakis

Dimitris G. Angelakis

Principal Investigator at Centre for Quantum Technologies Singapore and Assoc. Prof. Technical University of Crete

Experienced research professor in quantum physics, PhD from Imperial College with several years of research experience and leading research groups in Cambridge University, Greece and Singapore. Demonstrated world leading research excellence in quantum simulation and quantum computing. Recipient of several awards including the 2018 Google Quantum Innovation Award for his work in quantum simulations. His work has appeared in Science, Nature, New Scientist, Nature Research Highlights, The Innovation Magazine, Physics World, CNN and SKY among others.

He regularly delivers talks about quantum computing to non-specialist audiences and consults industry, banking and IT sectors about the upcoming revolution in quantum computing and possible commercial applications.

His past research has received the Institute of Physics UK, Quantum Electronics and Photonics Thesis Prize in 2002, the St Catharine’s College Cambridge JRF in Physics in 2001, the Valerie Myescrough Prize 2000, the Greek Ministry of Defence Young Scientist Abroad prize 2004, and more recently two Google Quantum Innovation Awards in 2018.

He has served as referee for research proposals in several national and international bodies, including the ERC Grants scheme, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, and the Polish and Swiss Research Council and many other National Research Councils. He has also served in various academic committees in University of Cambridge, Technical University of Crete and Centre for Quantum Technologies Singapore, and various EU science policy public bodies. He is in the editorial board of Springer Quantum Technology, Advanced Quantum Technology, and a member of the National Quantum Network of the EU Flagship in Quantum Technologies representing Greece.

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