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Questions and Answers

How should I upload files from my local machine to CloudxLab?

CloudxLab has two kinds of file system

  • Web console file system (it is the local file system in your Linux box, you can access this file system by logging into web console)

  • Hadoop Distributed File System

How to copy files from your local machine to CloudxLab web console?

  • If you are on Mac or Linux, use scp to copy files.

  • If you are on windows, please use WinSCP to copy files.

  • To copy files from your CloudxLab web console to the local machine, reverse the arguments after scp, as in, "scp username@link_to_remote:path_to_file_on_remote path_in_your_local_where_to_store_it". If your local is Windows, use winscp.

How to copy files from your local machine to CloudxLab HDFS?

Please use Hue to upload files from your local machine to CloudxLab HDFS. Here is the example video on the same

How to copy files from CloudxLab web console to CloudxLab HDFS?

After logging in to web console, please run the below command to copy file from web console to your home directory in HDFS

hadoop fs -copyFromLocal your_file_path