Questions and Answers

How do I connect to CloudxLab from my local machine?

You can connect to CloudxLab using one of these options

  • Web Console - Please go through this video to learn how to connect to CloudxLab using web console

  • Putty - If you are on windows, you can connect to CloudxLab using Putty. Please go through this screen cast for the instructions

  • SSH - If you are on Mac or Linux, you can connect to CloudxLab using SSH. Please use below command for connecting via SSH

    ssh your_user_name@web_console_domain

    You will find your_user_name and web_console_domain in the "Lab Credentials" section under "My Lab"

    Lets say your user name is john456 and your web console in on e.cloudxlab.com, then you can run this command to connecting via SSH

    ssh john456@e.cloudxlab.com

    Please provide your lab password when prompted.