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Scala - Assessment - Declare a Tuple

A tuple in Scala is an immutable collection to hold objects of different types.

A tuple is simply declared by putting the items inside () and its items are accessed via suffixes like ._1, _2 and so on. For example;

var tuple_new = ("1","World")
var tuple_new = Tuple2("1","World")
var tuple_new = new Tuple2("1","World")

//get the elements
var first_element = tuple_new._1
var second_element = tuple_new._2

Now, let's declare a tuple named myTuple, having below items.

  • 5
  • "Hello"
  • 100
  • Switch to Jupyter tab.

  • Declare the tuple variable with the required name and items in Jupyter.

  • Press Shift+Enter.

  • Submit your answer.

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