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Scala - Assessment - Calculate Simple Interest

Let's try to solve a simple problem in Scala - Calculation of the simple interest.

We want to calculate what would be the simple interest for 5 years if the principal amount is 500 and the interest rate is 12% annually.

We will need to define 3 variables and perform the calculation to get the interest.

  • Open Jupyter notebook on the right-hand side tab.

  • Declare integer variables as described below.

  • principal - assign a value of 500

  • interest_rate - assign a value of 12

  • years - assign a value of 5

  • Now, declare a new variable interest which will be assigned the value of calculation of interest like below:

    interest = [calculation of simple interest using above defined variables]

  • Press Shift+Enter in each of the cells where you wrote the code.

  • Click on "Submit Answer".