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Cats vs Non-cats using Transfer Learning - Importing the Modules

We are going to use the following modules for this exercise:

  • NumPy
  • h5py
  • matplotlib
  • TensorFlow
  • tensorflow.keras
  1. Import the following modules as instructed:

    • import numpy as np
    • import matplotlib's pyplot as plt
    • import h5py
  2. Import the following modules:

    • Import tensorflow

      import << your code comes here >>
    • Import SGD from tensorflow.keras.optimizers

      from tensorflow.keras.optimizers import << your code comes here >>
    • Import Sequential from tensorflow.keras.models

      from tensorflow.keras.models import  << your code comes here >>
    • Import VGG16 from tensorflow.keras.applications

      from tensorflow.keras.applications import  << your code comes here >>
    • Import Input, Dense, Dropout, GlobalAveragePooling2D from tensorflow.keras.layers

      from tensorflow.keras.layers import  << your code comes here >>
    • Write the below code, to assign a seed value to NumPy and TensorFlow so as to make sure the output stable across runs:


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