Project - Introduction to Transfer Learning (Cat vs Non-cats Project)

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Cats vs Non-cats using Transfer Learning - Evaluating the VGG16 model on test data

Since we have fine-tuned the model by training our custom dense layers on our data, let us check the performance of the model.

  • Use evaluate method on the vgg_model to get the accuracy of its performance on the test data.

    vgg_model_loss, vgg_model_acc = vgg_model.<< your code comes here >>(test_set_x_orig,test_set_y_orig)
  • Print the accuracy vgg_model_acc.

    print('Test accuracy using VGG16 model as the base:', vgg_model_acc)

You could play around with different value of hyper-parameters, like the learning rate, number of epochs, number of dropout neurons, dropout value, etc, and get a better model which yields better performance.

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