Image Stitching using OpenCV and Python (Creating Panorama Project)

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Reading the Images

Now, let us read the images we want to stitch together to create a panorama.

Also, let us display both the left and right images side-by-side.


  • cv2.imread(<< path of the image >>) is used to read the image in the given path. It reads the given image in BGR(Blue, Green, Red) format.

  • plt.imshow displays data as an image.

  • plt.tight_layout automatically adjusts subplot params so that the subplot(s) fits in to the figure area.

  • Read the right and left images using cv2.imread.

    img_right = << your code comes here >>('/cxldata/projects/uttower_right.jpg')
    img_left = << your code comes here >>('/cxldata/projects/uttower_left.jpg')
  • Display both the left and right images side-by-side using plt.imshow.

    plt.title("Left Image")
    plt.title("Right Image")
    plt.<< your code comes here >>(img_right)
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