Project- How to build low-latency deep-learning-based flask app

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Getting the Flask-Server-Folder Ready

Let us proceed to make the Flask-Server-Folder ready.

  • To stop the execution of, we click Ctrl+Z.

  • Then run command ps, and get the process id for the script.

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  • Deactivate the virtual environment, if any:

  • Make sure to be in Flask-ZMQ-App-Folder/Flask-Server-Folder :

    cd ~/Flask-ZMQ-App-Folder/Flask-Server-Folder
  • Now copy the content of the Image-Classification-App folder - except its virtual environment Img-Class-Env - into Flask-ZMQ-App-Folder/Flask-Server-Folder that we have previously created:

    rsync -av --progress ~/Image-Classification-App/* . --exclude Img-Class-Env/
    • Create a new virtual environment named flask-env. Make sure to be in Flask-Server-Folder.

      cd ~/Flask-ZMQ-App-Folder/Flask-Server-Folder
      virtualenv flask-env
    • Let us activate the environment flask-env:

      source flask-env/bin/activate
  • Install the following packages:

    pip install Flask==1.1.2
    pip install zmq==0.0.0
  • Now create the requirements.txt:

    pip freeze > requirements.txt

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