Scala & Spark Instructor-led Sessions

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Project Descriptions


  1. Hive Project - Sentiment Analysis [Must]

  2. Spark Project - Apache Log Parsing - Introduction [Must]

  3. Movie Lens (Add this to MLLib) [Must]

    3.1 Put your ratings of various movies

    3.2 Create a model with your data + ml-1m dataset

    3.3 Generate movies recommendations based on #2 for yourself against every movie

    3.4 Sort the movie recommendation and display the names of top 100 in descending order

    3.5 Write down the steps in your Google Doc and share with

    3.6 Please see the MlLib Slides

  4. Building Real-Time Analytics Dashboard Using Apache Spark [Optional]

  5. Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Spark Streaming [Optional]

Project Submission Date: 10th September 2017 Project Submission to be sent to:

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