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Project - Image Classification with Pre-trained Keras models

Project - Image Classification with Pre-trained Keras models

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Welcome to this project on Image Classification with Pre-trained Keras models. This project aims to impart the knowledge of how to access the pre-trained models(here we get pre-trained ResNet model) from Keras of TensorFlow 2, and appreciate its powerful classification capacity by making the model predict the class of an input image.

Understanding the pre-trained models is very important because this forms the basis of transfer learning. one of the most appreciated techniques to perform the classification of a different task thus reducing the training time, the number of iterations, and resource consumption. Learning about the pre-trained models and working hands-on with such models is thus very crucial in deep learning, and the same is the aim of this project.

Skills you will develop:

  1. TensorFlow 2
  2. Python Programming
  3. Deep Learning


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