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    3 Concepts | 18 Questions | 8 Assessments | 6 Learners

    Kids who have been playing Roblox games would love to build Roblox games using Roblox Studio. The coding is done using Lua while making games such as Roblox Jailbreak.

    Before starting this I would strongly recommend watching a couple of videos from Roblox official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LiaEDui2vE

    This playlist is going to be full of simple questions to make kids learn fundamentals of coding.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
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    6 Concepts | 10 Questions | 1 Assessment | 4 Learners

    This is a bite-sized course for programmers who want to learn about the tech behind AI powered search engine similar to Google are built on - Neural Search. You don't need to know about Machine Learning or Neural Networks to learn. As long as you understand few basic concepts of logic and programming, this is for you.

    Concepts covered

    • What is Neural Network
    • History of search engines
    • Comparison of different approaches to build search engines
    • What is Neural Search
    • Use cases of Neural Search
    • How to get started with building your Neural Search Engine

    You'll need

    • 10 mins of …
    Instructor: Pradeep Sharma
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    1 Concept | 3 Learners

    This topic will help you learn about Regular Expressions. Commonly used by string-searching algorithms for "find" or "find and replace" operations on strings, or for input validation, regular expression is a sequence of characters to easily define a search pattern.

    Instructor: Sandeep Giri
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    1 Concept | 3 Questions | 3 Learners

    Welcome to the chapter on Race Conditions and Deadlocks. Here, We can understand what Race Conditions and Deadlocks are, and also practice some MCQs.

  • Welcome to this project on Deploy Image Classification Pre-trained Keras model using Flask. In this project, we will have a comprehensive understanding of how to deploy a deep learning model as a web application using the Flask framework.

    Developing a machine learning or deep learning model is very important to solve problems using AI. On the other hand, it is equally important to have a knowledge of how to deploy those amazing problem-solving models into such an interface that enables the users to make use of these solutions. Even many apps we use today, like YouTube, Amazon/Flipkart shopping, FaceApps …

    Instructor: Cloudxlab
  • There are many Big Data Solution stacks.

    The first and most powerful stack is Apache Hadoop and Spark together. While Hadoop provides storage for structured and unstructured data, Spark provides the computational capability on top of Hadoop.

    The second way could be to use Cassandra or MongoDB. The third could be to use Google Compute Engine or Microsoft Azure. In such cases, you would have to upload your data to Google or Microsoft which may not be acceptable to your organization sometimes.

    In this post, we will understand the basics of:

    • Apache Hadoop
    • components of the Hadoop ecosystem
    • overview of …
  • In this project we will use RNN (LSTM and GRU) to predict stock prices from the New York Stock Exchange dataset.

    Instructor: Cloudxlab