Big Data Introduction

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Big Data Customers

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Big Data Customers:

Government ==

Since governments have huge data about the citizens, any analysis would be Big Data analysis. The application are many.

First is Fraud Detection. Be it antimony laundering or user identification, the amount of data processing required is really high.

In Cyber Security Welfare and Justice, the Big Data is being generated and Big Data tools are getting adopted.

Telecom ==

The telecom companies can use the big data in order to understand why their customers are leaving and how they can prevent the customers from leaving. This is known customer churn prevention. The data that could help in customer churn prevention is: 1. How many calls did customers make to the call center? 2. For how long were they out of coverage area 3. What was the usage pattern?

The other use-case is network performance optimization. Based on the past history of traffic, the telecoms can forecast the network traffic and accordingly optimize the performance.

Third most common use-case of Big Data in Telecommunication industry is Calling Data Record Analysis. Since there are millions of users of a telecom company and each user makes 100s of calls per day. Analysing the calling Data records is a Big Data problem.

It is very much possible to predict the failure of hardware based on all the data points when previous failures occurred. A seemingly impossible task is possible because of the sheer volume of data.

Healthcare ==

Healthcare inherently has humongous data and complex problems to solve. Such problems can be solved with the new Big Data Technologies as supercomputers could not solve most of these problems.

Few example of such problems are Health information exchange, Gene sequencing, Healthcare improvements and Drug Safety.

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