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Advanced Operations in Python

So far we have seen basic operations in Python such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Let's see some of the advanced operations in Python

  • Exponentiation: **. This operator raises the number to its left to the power of the number to its right. For example, 8 ** 2 gives 64.

  • Modulo: %. This operator returns the remainder of the division of the number to the left by the number on its right. For example, 16 % 7 equals 2 and 5 % 2 equals 1

Let's do some hands-on on exponentiation and modulo. Follow the instructions given below


Let's calculate the area of a square having one side as 4 cm. Use the below formula for calculating the area of a square

Area of a square = (side) ^ 2
  • Here, the side is 4
  • Write an expression for calculating area using ** operator
  • Plug in the value of side in the above formula
  • Fill in the value of computed area below

Area of the square is

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