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A string is a sequence of characters. For eg,

s = "Python"

To access a single character, we can use a bracket operator and an index,

c1 = s[0]
c2 = s[1]

c1 stores 'P' and c2 stores 'y'. Index starts from 0 for a str (or a list).

Indices must be integers. Try accessing a character using a non int index and observe the error.

Length starts counting from 1 not 0. You can get the length of the string using len function.


It gives the answer as 6.

string description

  • Define a function with the name str_func that takes one argument and returns the last character of the string passed to the function as a parameter.

Sample Input:
Sample Output:

  • Define another function with the name sum_str_func that takes one argument and returns the sum of all digits in that number. The argument passed can be str or an int. You need to convert the integer to a string to calculate it's length, and then use a loop to add each digit to calculate the sum of all digits.

Sample Input:
Sample Output:

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