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NoSQL - Scaling Out / Up

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NoSQL - Scaling Up & Out

Welcome to the session on NoSQL

In this session, we will learn What, why and how about NoSQL.

What does it mean by scale out and scale up?

Say, we have a cart with a single horse and we need to carry more than a horse can handle.

We can replace the horse with an elephant and carry a higher load. This approach is called scaling up or vertical scaling. We may not be able to carry load higher than an elephant can carry.

If we add more horses to the cart, it is called horizontal scaling or scaling out.

Basically, if we have to handle higher computing load and we choose to upgrade the hardware, we call it vertical scaling or scaling up.

But if we choose to move to a distributed architecture and add more computers to solve our problem we call it horizontal scaling or scaling out.

NoSQL databases are needed when we want to horizontally scale.

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