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Creating and Dropping a table

A table is an object which stored data in rows and columns.

The table creation command requires the following details: Name of the table Name of the fields Definitions for each field

Sample Basic Syntax:

create table table_name (
  column_name1 column_type1 [default <<values>>]
  ,column_name1 column_type1 [default <<values>>]

Full Syntax:



Let us create a table named deptt_<<your lab username>> with fields like depid, depname, depopendate.


use retail_db;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS deptt_<< your lab username >> ;

create table deptt_<< your lab username >> (
 depid int not null,
 depname varchar(30) not null default 'New',
 depopendate datetime not null default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

Try creating above table and if succeeds, you will see a message like below one, else you will see relevant error message: Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.01 sec)

View the table definition using below commands:

describe deptt_<< your lab username >> ;


show create table deptt_<< your lab username >> ;


show columns from deptt_<< your lab username >> ;

Try selecting the data from the table. You would see 0 rows because no data has been inserted yet into the table.

select * from deptt_<< your lab username >> ;

Dropping a table Tables can be dropped using 'drop table' command. A table can not be dropped if it is being used by someone else or if the table has child tables enforced by Foreign Keys and child table has records.

drop table deptt_<< your lab username >> ;

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