Project - Classify Clothes from Fashion MNIST Dataset using Machine Learning Techniques

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End to End ML Project - Fashion MNIST - Understanding the data

Our training dataset consists of 60,000 images and each image has 784 features. An image consists of 28x28 pixels, and each pixel is a value from 0 to 255 describing the pixel intensity. 0 for white and 255 for black.

Let us have a look at one instance (an article image) of this training dataset X_train.

To view a single instance(an article image),all we need to do is grab an instance’s feature vector, reshape it to a 28×28 array, and display it using Matplotlib’s imshow() function.

Compare the digit in the image to its corresponding actual digit in the target dataset.


Please use the showImage() created earlier to show image at X_train[0] as shown below


Please check the corresponding article name (class) in target dataset (y_train[0]) if it matches the above image by using below code

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