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Get the Data

We are gonna work on California Housing Dataset in this project. The data contains information from the 1990 California Census.

Let's load the data. It is available in CSV(Comma Separated Values) format at path "/cxldata/datasets/project/housing/housing.csv".

We can load the CSV file by using the read_csv() function from pandas. It reads a CSV file into a DataFrame. A DataFrame is a two-dimensional data structure in which data is aligned in a tabular format in rows and columns.

So first, let's import the library pandas. We generally import pandas as an alias pd. In Python, aliases are an alternate name for referring to the same thing. Now the pandas package can be referred to as pd for ease.

So, the syntax for importing a library is-

import library_name as alias_name

And, the syntax for using read_csv() is-


where, path contains a URL or directory location of a file. Remember, path must be contained inside single or double quotes.


Import library pandas as an alias pd.

Load the csv file(from the path as: “/cxldata/datasets/project/housing/housing.csv”) as a DataFrame object and store it in a variable housing.

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