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Conclusions from Histogram

At first, we notice that there's a sudden spike at last in the histogram of median_house_value. It can be due to capping. In capping, we limit an attribute so that its value doesn't go above a certain limit. So it looks like we have capped the attribute at 500000. I've highlighted the spike of median_house_value with a yellow marker.


If you do a little research, you will find that it is true. The median_house_value is capped at 500000 and hence all the houses with a value of more than 500000 are given the same value.

Also, the same is the case with housing_median_age and median_income. They are also capped and that's why we see a sudden spike at last in the histogram of these columns.

We also notice that attributes have varying scales. Like, we can see that attribute latitude is in tens while total_rooms is in thousands.

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