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Writing first shell script

A shell script is a file containing a list of commands. Let's create a simple command that prints two words:

  1. Open a text editor to create a file

  2. Write the following into the editor:

    echo "hello $name world"

    Note: In Unix, the extension doesn't dictate the program to be used while executing a script. It is the first line of the script that would dictate which program to use. In the example above, the program is /bin/bash which is a Unix shell.

  3. Press Ctrl+X to save and then Y

  4. It will ask for a filename, check if its If not enter the same filename.
  5. Hit Enter key to exit

  6. Now, by default, it would not have executable permission. You can make it executable like this:

    chmod +x
  7. To run the script, use:


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