Online Courses Free of Cost during #NoPayJan


Malcolm X once said, “Education is our passport to the future”. This has become more relevant than ever in the last year. The COVID-19 pandemic gave a big jolt to the economy and the existing strata of professions across the world. Many succumbed to the pandemic by losing their jobs and facing extensive pay cuts. 

People who were up-to-date with technology made it through the darkest times, making online education become the next big thing across the globe. According to a recent LinkedIn survey, around more than 60% of professionals have increased the amount of time spent on online learning for upskilling during the lockdown period. But the challenge here was that online education was becoming more and more expensive with a consistent fall in the quality of content. Online education slowly started becoming a very far-fetched dream for the common man. 

At CloudxLab, we strive to ensure that education does not feel like a luxury but a basic need that everybody is entitled to. Keeping this in mind, we bring forth the “#NoPayJan” where you can access some of the most sought after and industry-relevant courses completely free of cost. During #NoPayJan anybody who is signing up at CloudxLab will be able to access the contents of all the self-paced courses. This offer will be running from January 1 till January 31, 2021. CloudxLab provides an online learning platform where you can learn and practice Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data, Python, etc.

When the highly competitive and commercialized education providers have cluttered the online learning platform, CloudxLab tries to break through with a disruptive change by making upskilling affordable and accessible and thus, achievable.

Happy New Year & Happy Learning!