System Design: How to Design a Rate Limiter?

What is a Rate Limiter?

Rate limiting refers to preventing the frequency of an operation from exceeding a defined limit. In large-scale systems, rate limiting is commonly used to protect underlying services and resources. In distributed systems, Rate limiting is used as a defensive mechanism to protect the availability of shared resources. It is also used to protect APIs from unintended or malicious overuse by limiting the number of requests that can reach our API in a given period of time.

In this blog, we’ll see how will tackle the question of designing a rate limiter in a system design interview.

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The Era of Software Engineering and how to become one

Today’s world is also known as the world of software with its builders known as Software Engineers. It’s on them that today we are interacting with each other because the webpage on which you are reading this blog, the web browser displaying this webpage, and the operating system to run the web browser are all made by a software engineer.

In today’s blog, we will start by introducing software engineering and will discuss its history, scope, and types. Then we will compare different types of software engineers on the basis of their demand in the industry. After that, we will discuss on full-stack developer job role and responsibilities and will also discuss key skills and the hiring process for a full-stack developer in detail.

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