How CloudxLab Helped Our User With A Job

We recently had a heart warming moment – one of our subscribers had been made an offer by Tata Consultancy Services.  His thank you note to us made our day.  Meara Laxman had subscribed to CloudxLab to practice his Big Data skills and as per him got more than he expected.  Here is our interview with him.

CxL: How did CloudxLab help you learn Big Data tools better?
Laxman: Cloudxlab helped me a lot in learning all the Bigdata eco system components. I had gained enough theoretical knowledge on big data tools from the internet but I ran into trouble trying to practice due to my incompatible system requirements and configurations. That is when I found Cloudxlab and subscribed to it.  I got good exposure to the practical aspects as Cloudxlab provided some sample lab session video material which are very clear and easy to practice and understand. Moreover, the Cloudxlab team helped me every time I had an issue and clarified all my queries.

CxL: How did CloudxLab help you with finding a new job?
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CloudxLab Reviews


Jose Manual Ramirez Leon

It is really a great site. As a 37-year-old with a masters
in mechanical engineering, I decided to switch careers
and get another masters. One of my courses was
Big Data and, at the beginning, I was completely lost
& I was falling behind in my assignments and after
searching the internet for a solution, finally found  CloudxLab.

Not only do they have any conceivable Big Data
technology on their servers, they have superb
customer support. Whenever I have had a doubt,
even in debugging my own programs, they have
answered me with the correct solution in a few hours.

I earnestly recommend it to everyone.

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Cloudera Certification Practice On CloudxLab

How does CloudxLab help with preparing for Cloudera, Hortonworks, and related certifications?  Here is an interview with one of our users who
has successfully completed the ‘Cloudera Certified Associate for Spark andUntitled Hadoop Developer‘ (CCA175) certification using CloudxLab for hands-on practice. Having completed the certification, Senthil Ramesh who is currently working with Accenture, gladly discussed his experience with us.

CxL: How did CloudxLab help you with the Cloudera certification and help you learn Big Data overall?

Senthil: CloudxLab played an important part in the hands on experience for my big data learning. As soon as I understood that my laptop may not be able to support all the tools necessary to work towards the certification, I started looking for a cloud based solution and found CloudxLab. The sign up was easy and everything was setup in a short time. I must say, without doing hands on it would have been harder to crack the certification. Thanks to CloudxLab for that.

CxL: Why CloudxLab and not a Virtual Machine?

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