How CloudxLab Helped Our User With A Job

We recently had a heart warming moment – one of our subscribers had been made an offer by Tata Consultancy Services.  His thank you note to us made our day.  Meara Laxman had subscribed to CloudxLab to practice his Big Data skills and as per him got more than he expected.  Here is our interview with him.

CxL: How did CloudxLab help you learn Big Data tools better?
Laxman: Cloudxlab helped me a lot in learning all the Bigdata eco system components. I had gained enough theoretical knowledge on big data tools from the internet but I ran into trouble trying to practice due to my incompatible system requirements and configurations. That is when I found Cloudxlab and subscribed to it.  I got good exposure to the practical aspects as Cloudxlab provided some sample lab session video material which are very clear and easy to practice and understand. Moreover, the Cloudxlab team helped me every time I had an issue and clarified all my queries.

CxL: How did CloudxLab help you with finding a new job?
Laxman: CloudxLab played a key role in getting me my new job. I lacked real time experience in Hadoop. CxL provided a cluster which resembles a real-time production cluster. So I learnt how the real-time environment is and how the tools integrated with each other. CxL gave me scope to execute some real time jobs so I have tried many things and learnt new things with the help of the CxL team.
CxL: On a scale of 1-5, 5 being ‘absolutely satisfied’, how would you rate CloudxLab?
Laxman: Absolutely satisfied

CxL: What would your advice to others planning to learn Big Data be?Laxman: Guys, instead of spending a lot of money on training institutes, it is better to subscribe to CloudxLab because it is cheap and provides more value. Further, the CloudxLab team is always there to help and share knowledge wherever you are stuck.

CxL: How was the support provided by CloudxLab and what are your recommendations for us?
Laxman: It is excellent. Sometimes I hesitated to ask the questions but the CloudxLab team always encouraged me and assisted me in learning all the time. I would suggest that you continue to offer the same services to others like me who are serious and curious to learn and want to optimize each penny they paid. Cloudxlab is already good in every aspect. No second thoughts are needed when one wants to subscribe to CloudxLab because it won’t disappoint.
We are glad that our users are finding CloudxLab so helpful.  Thank you, Laxman for your thoughtful note and this interview! We wish you the best in your new role.