SCMHRD Partners With CloudxLab



In a recent strategic partnership that demonstrates SCMHRD’s superior vision in pedagogy, the Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics (PGPBA) has tied up with well known learning innovation firm CloudxLab. With this partnership, SCMHRD’s students will get to learn and work with Big Data and analytics tools in the same manner that enterprises learn and use them.

SCMHRD’s flagship Analytics program¬†PGPBA¬†with its emphasis on Big Data analytics, as opposed to standard analytics, makes it relevant to a bigger gamut of employers and hence the better choice. This emphasis isn’t easy to cater to. Providing Big Data tools to learners entails providing a cluster (a bunch of computers) that they can practice on which in turn translates to expensive infrastructure, big support teams, and the operational costs that go with everything.

Virtual machines – a quick fix alternative to a cluster – comes with its own set of issues, not to mention that it goes against the very fundamental idea of Big Data technology – distributed computing (multiple networked machines working towards a common goal).

This is when CloudxLab stepped in. CloudxLab (CxL) provides a cluster for hard-to-practice tools without the hassles of having to install and maintain one in house. With its focus on innovation, CxL can provide automated and customizable assessments to learners to ensure learning is always hands-on. Sandeep Giri, founder and CEO of CloudxLab sees this as an “opportunity for the SCMHRD students to not just learn but imbibe”.

About CloudxLab:
The CloudxLab cluster is available to learners to practice tools and technologies on the cloud. CxL enables centrally located data and is accessible anytime, anywhere. It also provides a dedicated support team for any queries that learners may have.