The top 15 most frequently asked questions about our EICT (IIT Roorkee) Data Engineering with Hadoop and Spark course

1. What is EICT and how is it related to IIT Roorkee?

Electronics & ICT Academy, part of the IIT Roorkee, is an initiative of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India.

The E&ICT Academy IIT Roorkee conducts short courses and Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) in the emerging areas to enrich and upgrade subject knowledge and technical skills benefiting faculties, working professionals and Govt. employees.

2. What is the mode of learning or teaching format?

This course is an online course, completely self-paced learning. Once you enroll, you can start immediately, learn at your own pace, anywhere, any time.

All you need is a laptop or any other compatible device and an Internet connection!

3. Do I get access to the lab? If so, how long is the access available?

Yes, you do get access to our unique cloud lab when you enroll for this course. The access to the lab is for 90 days only. If you still need access to the lab after 90 days, you may subscribe to the lab separately on our website (

4. How much time does it take to complete the course?

It varies from student to student. On average, it will take about 2 or 3 months if you put in about 4 – 6 hours of effort to learn. 

5. Who will issue me the certificate?

The certificate will be issued by E&ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee. You can see on the landing page how the certificate looks like.

6. Will the certificate be a physical certificate?

Since 1,000’s of students have been undergoing this course, it is extremely difficult to issue a physical certificate to everyone. So, we will issue the soft copy of the certificate and you can take a print out of it whenever you need it.

7. Is there any exam or test at the end of the course?

There is no exam or test to get the certificate. As explained earlier, the certification process requires the student to work on the minimum required projects and submit them to us.

8. When will I get the certificate?

You will get a certificate when you complete the course successfully. 

9. What is the certification process?

During the course, you will have to work on a few real-time projects. You will receive a problem statement along with a data-set to work on CloudxLab. Once you are done with the projects (they will be reviewed by an expert), you will be awarded a certificate which you can share on LinkedIn.

10. Why is it called Faculty Development Programme in the certificate?

Initially, it was planned to train the faculties by the E&ICT Academy, IIT Roorkee. However, of late, we extended it to all others such as working professionals, Govt. employees, etc.

We are working with the IIT Roorkee to revise this name on the certificate. We will let you know when we have an update.

11. Why is the price so low?

The E&ICT Academy project is sponsored by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India. The E&ICT courses lay special emphasis on hands-on learning with participation from industry in the emerging areas of the E&ICT domain. Their programs enable the participants and institutes to build industry connects, upgrade lab facilities and create opportunities for collaboration. For this course, CloudxLab has joined hands with E&ICT, IIT Roorkee in order to fulfill the vision of The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), to upskill faculties across the country on high-end technologies. Hence it is available at such low prices so that every eligible person can pursue it and benefit from it.

12. Why is it only for working professionals? Why is it not available for students?

The main objective of this course is to upskill the working professionals with the latest cutting-edge technologies. And, this is sponsored by Govt. of India. This was decided by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. We, CloudxLab doesn’t have any say in this decision. 

That said, we strive to help everyone irrespective of their status, country, or region. We have plans to extend this course to everyone very soon, including students and international audience. 

You can check our other courses which anybody can enroll and get started immediately.

13. Is this course available for Indians only? Is it available for the people outside India?

As of now, this course is available only for Indians. Please check the eligibility criteria, as this is sponsored by Govt. of India.

That said, we have plans to extend this to everyone else very soon. Please watch out for a notification from us very soon.

For more frequently asked questions and any other information, please visit our website or reach out to us.

14. What is the duration of the course?

There is no specific deadline to complete the course. You will have access to the course content for ever. However, the access to the lab will be only for 90 days. 

15. How long is the access to the lab available?

The course comes with 90-days access to the lab. If you want to access the lab after 90 days, you have to subscribe to the lab separately. We have three subscription plans for the lab. Please check this link for further details.