Understanding Computer Vision with Deep Learning – Free Webinar

CloudxLab conducted a successful webinar on “Introduction to Machine Learning” on the 15th of October, 2019.  It was a 2-hour session in which the instructor explained the concepts based on Understanding Computer Vision with Deep Learning.

More than 250 learners around the globe attended the webinar. The participants were from countries namely; United States, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Macao, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, & New Zealand.

Presented By

Sandeep Giri - Instructor for the Machine Learning webinar

Sandeep Giri

Topics covered in the Webinar

1. Overview of Machine Learning
2. Basics of Deep Learning
3. What is computer vision and its use-cases?
4. Various algorithms used in Computer Vision (mostly CNN)
5. Live hands-on demo of either Auto Cameraman or Face recognition system
6. What next?

Watch The Recorded Webinar Here

Check it out on Slideshare here


We got a lot of feedback from the Understanding Computer Vision with deep learning webinar attendees.