Find celebrity like you using Computer Vision

This is a quick hands-on project based on AI to find the celebrity that looks like you.

Celebrity Like You

The basic working idea is to compare your image with the various celebrity images within our database.


  • Sign up to CloudxLab
  • Login to Jupyter and create a new Python 3 notebook
  • Clone the repository using below command
!git clone
Clone the Repository
  • Open another Jupyter instance in the new tab and navigate to lookalikeceleb folder. Click on lookalikeceleb folder. You will see notebooks are various images there
lookalikeceleb folder
  • Upload your image to CloudxLab from your local computer by clicking on “Upload” button
Upload your Image
  • Open find_similar_actor.ipynb by clicking on it
Open find_similar_actor.ipynb
  • Replace sandeep.jpg with your image name. If your image name is abhinav.jpg, then replace sandeep.jpg with abhinav.jpg
Replace sandeep.jpg with your Image Name
  • Now click on Cell and then click on “Run All”
Run All Cells
  • Wait for execution to finish and in the last, you will see the celebrity image you matching you.
Celebrity Like You

Please check the video below to get an overview of computer vision and this project

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