Practice questions for Machine Learning Engineer Roles


You might have come across several posts which focus only on the theoretical questions for you to prepare for a machine learning engineer role. But is the theoretical preparation enough?

The ML Engineers in the real world do much more than just making models. They spend enough time understanding the data before actually building a model. For this, they should be able to perform different operations on the data, make intuitions and manipulate the data as per the needs. So an ML Engineer must be able to how to play with data and tell some intuition stories.

Pandas is a library for Python to perform various operations on data. Numpy is a famous Python library for numerical computations. It is often expected that an ML Engineer is well-versed with both of these libraries. But where to practice?

ClouldxLab offers a solution. We have come up with some amazing questions which would help you practice Python, Pandas and Numpy hands-on and make you interview ready.

So what are you waiting for? Encourage the aspiring ML Engineer in you, by waking up the problem solver in you. Practice the following questions:

All the best!