A Successful Machine Learning Bootcamp at Singapore

cloudxlab ml bootcamp

Cloudxlab has conducted many successful online events on Machine Learning and Big Data, for it is relatively easy to attend so many attendees simultaneously. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for a tiring visit to the event location. One can simply log in from the comfort of one’s house and start learning.

Sure, online events have their own perks. But it hasn’t stopped us to conduct offline events. Our Machine Learning session at R.V College of engineering was one such successful example.

This time, we wanted to conduct a little bigger event, therefore Cloudxlab joined hands together with IOTSG and National Singapore university, enterprise to organize another successful Machine Learning Bootcamp.

The Venue

CloudxLab was organizing the Machine learning Bootcamp for the first time in Singapore. To be frank, we were a little nervous as we did not know how welcoming the country is. But all our minor doubts were cleared once we experienced the warm welcome from everyone there. So much so that we would like to do one more Bootcamp in Singapore in near future.

National Singapore University was very cooperative in helping us to organize the Bootcamp in their campus.

The Lab Environment

A whole day of Machine Learning Bootcamp doesn’t make sense without a proper hands-on session. But there was one problem. The attendees would have to rely on the wifi speed to download the huge data for the hands-on. From our past experience, we have learned that relying on any venue’s wifi network is not always the good idea. Hence, we decided to give our lab access for free for 7 days to all the attendees. It helped us and the attendees in the following ways-

  • Attendees could do hands-on easily irrespective of the system configuration and network speed
  • It gave the confirmation that our lab is able to handle concurrent users easily

Memories from the Bootcamp

ml bootcamp singapore with attendees
Because attendees couldn’t say no to a selfie
ml bootcamp singapore attendees
Curious minds
sandeep giri
Meet the presenter, Mr. Sandeep Giri

Presentations used in the Bootcamp

Also, you can find Machine Learning projects and notebooks for the course on the CloudxLab Github repository for Machine Learning.

For the complete course on Machine Learning, please visit Online Instructor-led course on Deep Learning